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CCREA announce its fall, 2015, trip to Eastern Europe.   Our itinerary will begin in Warsaw, the 700 hundred year old capital of Poland.  After visiting many of the city's famous sights, we will continue on to Krakow and will include nearby visits to Auschwitz, Wroclaw and Czestochowa.  Our tour will then continue to Prague, Dresden and finally Berlin where we will end our tour after a four day visit.  This 13 day tour will include r/t air from Philadelphia, all hotels, motor coach throughout, all breakfasts, most dinners, tour entrances, guides and taxes.  This tour is scheduled for the end of September-beginning of October, 2015.  Prices have not yet been announced, but we are collecting $500.00 deposits from CCREA members at this date.  For more information and the itinerary, please contact Gary Milby at  This trip is open only to our members until the end of November and then it will be open to all others who are interested.  Do not wait, there is a waiting list. of non-CCREA members who will fill the tour.  Looking forward to hearing from you.    Gary

TPAF Information

Newly Retired Members - The Teachers Pension and Annuity Fund (TPAF) is in the process of modifying the rules for retired teachers who choose to serve as substitute teachers, The new rules, currently being worked on, applies to newly retired teachers only; IT WILL NOT APPLY TO RETIREES WHO ARE CURRENTLY SUBSTITUTING UNDER THE OLD GUIDELINES.

 TPAF has not published the proposed guidelines so neither NJEA nor local boards of education are aware of all of its provisions.

If you are a recent retiree and thinking of serving as a substitute teacher you may face penalties relating to your pension. To protect your pension from potential penalty, send a letter to TPAF explaining what you intend to do and make sure you get an acknowledgment in return. A certified letter is appropriate in this case. Be aware that your local board may give you incorrect information.

Send your letter to: Division of Pensions & Benefits (TPAF), PO box 295, 50 West State Street, Trenton, NJ 08625-0295.


 If you or your eligible spouse/partner paid more than the standard premium of $104.90 per month for Medicare Part B coverage or an additional premium for Part D coverage, you must provide verification for the extra amount you paid in 2013. To do so, forward copies of the following two (2) documents to the Divsion of Pensions and Benefits NO LATER THAN APRIL 1,2014. (1) A copy of the cost of living adjustment letter you received from Social Security at the end of 2012 notifying you of your 2013 Medicare Part B and Part D premium increases and the income-related premiums, AND (2) A copy of your Social Security form SSA-!!. Send these no later than APRIL 1, 2014 to: Division of Pensions and Benefits, ATTN: Health Benefits Financial Section, PO box 295, 50 West State Street, Trenton.\, NJ 08625-0295.